6 Reasons To Use WordPress

6 Reasons To Use WordPress

Anyone can have a website with WordPress, even if you know nothing about creating a site or hosting one. WordPress.com provides free-hosting¹ of your WordPress based site/blog, including many free features. You also have the option of hosting your own website by paying a hosting service provider such as Godaddy.com (the preferred by CC Publications) or others, such as BlueHost being the most popular. (The subject of paid or free hosting is addressed in a separate article.) Now, let’s talk about the benefits of having a WordPress based site/blog.

  1. It’s free!! That’s right, completely free.
  2. It’s very easy to learn. There is a forum of step by step guidance provided by WordPress.org and many veteran members responding users’ questions.
  3. It comes loaded with free stuff such as design themes, automated translation, widgets for social connections and many more.
  4. It’s extendable and you can add many plugins, free or paid, to do many additional functions.
  5. It’s search engine friendly, secure and easy to manage.
  6. Even a lay person can create a very sleek website with WordPress!

If you are interested in learning WordPress, here’s a site that teaches WordPress for beginners. Enjoy it!

¹ Free account users have ads imposed on their sites. To remove ads costs $30 per year.

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